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Beyond Framework is a software platform that, thanks to the possibility of interfacing with different tools, allows the assessment and the monitoring of multiple aspects of the human body.

It is an easy tool as well innovative for Physiotherapists, graduates in Exercise Sciences and whoever cares about rehabilitation, functional recovery And return to play, athletic training and fitness.

A single work environment for an integrated analysis of human movement.
Beyond Human Motion Analysis

Beyond Framework offers the possibility of acquiring and processing information from all the instruments of the BEYOND family, in a single software.
The data collected, crossed with each other, allow to provide an overall evaluation of the subject.

BEYOND Inertial

Inertial sensor with gyroscope and accelerometer

- Triaxial gyroscope with programmable full scale at ± 250 dps, ± 500 dps, ± 1000 dps, and ± 2000 dps
- Triaxial accelerometer with programmable full scale at ± 2g, ± 4g, ± 8g, and ± 16g
- Triaxial magnetometer with field amplitude ± 4900 μT

BEYOND Pressure

Baropodometric platform

- Acquisition frequency: From 5Hz to 400Hz
- Available sizes: 40 × 40, 60 × 50, 120 × 50, 180 × 50
- Sensors: Resistive gold coated
- Maximum pressure: 150N / cm2


Sensorized treadmill with 6 load cells

- 500Hz sampling
- 6 load cells to estimate vertical force and point of application
- High speed USB connection
- Maximum speed: 21Km / h


Wireless surface electromyography

- Selectable earnings: 330,466,658,1170 50 V / V
CMRR: > 106 dB (120 dB typical)
- Low pass filter: 250Hz
- High pass filter: 10Hz


Heart rate monitor

- Heart rate range: 40-220bpmA
- Maximum transmission range: 100mt outdoors
- Sweatproof
- Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 Low energy


Wireless spirometer

- Display mode: 2.8 "color TFT-LCD
- Screen resolution: 240 × 320 px
- Volume range: 0 to 10L
- Volume accuracy: ± 3 % or ± 0.05L


Bioimpedance analysis

- Accuracy degree: MDD CLASS II-a, NAWI CLASS III
- Latest dual frequency 4C ballast technology
- 10 measurements (segmental)
- Age range: 5 - 99 years

VO2 Master

Wireless metabolimeter

- O2 accuracy: ± 1%
- Flow accuracy: ± 3%
- Flow sensor: Differential pressure
- Oxygen sensor: Galvanic cell                                    


    By comparing the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Jump tests, Beyond framework is able to measure the expression of strength of the lower and upper limbs of the subject giving a standardized global evaluation.


    The software compares the results of the SWAY and SALTO tests and evaluates the systems responsible for managing balance, the visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems with respect to a normality index.


    Joint ROM, Monopodal Jump, Static and Dynamic Baropodometry, comparison algorithms to measure the asymmetries of the main body districts in terms of strength and movement capacity.


    Global evaluation of the fundamental physiological parameters, through the manual and automatic acquisition of the values of cardiac variability, lung capacity, body composition and topography of the superficial fat.


Compact, portable, modular and easily transportable instruments.


Resistant materials of the highest quality and durability.

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